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Basement Waterproofing of Rhode Island

Expert Basement Waterproofing in Rhode Island

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Basement Waterproofing in RI - Simplify Your Life!

Trust our team of dedicated basement waterproofing contractors in RI. Take advantage of our high level of customer service and full focus given to every job we do!

Basement Waterproofing

Homeowners across the state have come to discover the benefits of basement waterproofing in RI. We have a team of experts that know how to solve the basement water issues in our region specifically.

Mold Removal

When it comes to mold removal in RI, time is of the essence. You don't want to leave this damaging component in your home any longer than necessary. We show up quickly and get right to work.

Foundation Repair

Nobody wants to deal with a cracked foundation or other damages to their home. We want you to know that you can fix the problem, and you don't have to go broke doing it. We offer competitive prices.

Sump Pump Installation

The only way to give your basement an added layer of protection against flooding is with a superior sump pump installation in RI. We have several top-notch options available to suit every budget.

French Drains

Do you have an issue with groundwater coming up through your basement flooring? Then it's time to consider having a French drain installed. We can take care of that, or service your existing system.

Basement Systems

Is your basement in need of a complete overhaul? Maybe you're building, and you're starting from the ground up. Let our knowledgeable basement contractors in Rhode Island make sure you get it done right.

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More About Our Expert Basement Waterproofing in Rhode Island

We're your best choice for a full-service basement waterproofing company in Rhode Island. There's no need to look anywhere else.

Waterproofing Basement Walls in RI is What We Know!

Are you starting to notice a musty smell while sitting in your favorite spot in the first-floor living room or den? Are you coming up empty-handed looking for the source of the problem? Did you know that about 40% of the air you breathe on your main floor comes up from your basement or crawlspace? That pungent odor could be because you have moisture underneath of you. With our quality basement waterproofing in RI, you can have your problem cleared up in no time. Not only will that strong stench be eliminated, but you're also providing an excellent advantage to your family's health! We have the solution, no matter how big of an issue you're dealing with.
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The Fastest Mold Removal in Rhode Island

If there is water present in your basement, then there's a potential for mold growth. The situation can very quickly get out of hand. All this organism needs is a wet, dark place to multiply. Once it starts, it can be challenging to contain. You don't want it spreading to other areas of your home. Instead, you can call Basement Waterproofing of Rhode Island to help you clean it up. We are the most reliable of all mold removal companies in RI! With our experience, we can guarantee to get rid of all your mold once and for all. If you aren't sure if it's mold or the extent of the damage, we recommend getting an expert opinion. Mold is not something you want to mess around with.
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mold growth before removal in RI
repairing cracked foundation in RI

Affordable Foundation Repair for Rhode Island

Have you noticed a small crack in your basement wall? Maybe it's something that happened as a result of settling. Perhaps it's something more serious. Even the slightest damage to your basement walls can be a sign of foundation issues. Before you disregard what you see, you need to have an expert evaluate what's happening. Our trained experts know what to look for, and they can determine any risks or potential causes right away. Then, we can work with you to provide you with the most comprehensive services for foundation repair in RI! Don't try tackling this significant home improvement task on your own. Our technicians are here to help.
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Do You Need Sump Pump Installation in Rhode Island?

Your basement's sump pump has one of the most critical jobs in your home. It keeps your entire structure safe from water damages, but that's only if it is working correctly. Just like with other appliances, these devices can wear out and malfunction or quit totally after being used for years. If you've noticed that yours isn't removing the water as it should, or if it's stopped working altogether, give us a call right away. We can come and do an inspection. We offer a variety of the best sump pumps on the market. Our trained technicians can have your sump pump installation in RI done before anything gets any worse.
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sump pump installation in Rhode Island
basement waterproofing with French drain in RI

We're the French Drain Installation Experts in RI

Not every company that does basement waterproofing in RI has training or experience in French drains. These complicated systems are very effective at keeping the groundwater away from your home's sub-flooring when it reaches levels close to your natural water table. Our professionals take the time to figure out exactly where the water is coming from first. Then we can come up with the most effective solution for stopping it with a French drain installation in RI. If you think there's something wrong with the French drain you already have, we can come and take a look. It's the best way to eliminate free-standing water, and we know how it all should function.
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Rhode Island Basement Systems Done Right!

Even if you don't use your basement for anything other than storage, it's still an imperative component of your home. When there's something wrong down below, whatever you're doing in your living spaces will feel the aftermath through bad odors, a cracked foundation, or potentially dangerous mold growth. If you aren't sure what's going on in your basement because you don't ever go down there, our skilled contractors are ready to take on the project for you. Our basement systems are professionally installed and make your home entirely waterproof. Make sure you're on solid (and dry) ground with our team!
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basement system completed in RI
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