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6 Tips to Waterproof Basement Windows [Homeowners Guide]

August 4, 2023

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If you own a home with a basement, you might consider how to waterproof basement windows. Basement windows are notorious for developing leaks that let in damaging moisture while letting out your heating and cooling. In turn, you might notice a damp, must basement as well as mold throughout your home!

To waterproof basement windows:

  1. Use sealant or caulk to fill cracks
  2. Install window well covers
  3. Grade your property as needed
  4. Install French drains
  5. Install window well drains
  6. Apply waterproof coatings

These are just some quick suggestions for waterproofing basement windows in your home. For more details about how to tackle this project, keep reading! Also, don’t hesitate to contact a basement waterproofing contractor near you. They can apply quality waterproof coatings and offer other solutions for a watertight basement.

waterproof basement windows

How to Waterproof Basement Windows

Waterproofing basement windows is essential to prevent water infiltration and moisture issues in your basement. There are six good ways you can waterproof your home’s basement windows.

However, it’s good to start by cleaning the area around the basement windows. Remove any debris, dirt, or loose materials. Inspect the window frame and the surrounding area for cracks that may allow water to seep in. This can tell you the best choice for basement window waterproofing!

1. Seal Cracks and Gaps

Use a sealant or caulk to fill any cracks, gaps, or holes around the window frame and the masonry. Silicone-based sealants are commonly used for basements. These sealants are flexible and provide a good waterproof seal.

Also, ensure you inject any caulk or sealant deep into a crack. This will help protect the concrete wall completely. Wait until it dries and go over any spots you missed, for a watertight finish.

2. Install Window Well Covers

Window well covers protect basement windows from water and debris. These plastic or metal pieces fit over a basement window and extend outward, like an awning. Properly installed window well covers keep rainwater from accumulating around the window and reduce the risk of leaks. They also block damaging debris that might scratch basement windows.

3. Proper Grading

Grading refers to the slope or tilt of a property’s soil. Correct grading helps moisture in the ground run away from a structure to a nearby street or drain. Improper grading allows moisture to collect around a basement’s walls and windows.

To keep basement windows watertight, ensure that the ground around them is graded away from the house. The slope should be away from the foundation, directing water away from the window area. A landscaper or basement waterproofing contractor can check your soil’s grading as needed.

4. Install French Drains

A French drain system also helps divert water away from the basement windows. A contractor can install French drains by digging a trench around the home. Next, he or she places perforated pipes covered with gravel in those trenches.

These pipes capture water in the soil and direct it to flow away from the window area. This prevents water from building up around windows, reducing the risk of leaks. French drains are affordable, easily maintained, and quick to install!

5. Install Window Well Drains

If you have recurring water issues, consider installing an interior window well drain system. This system uses a drain inside the window well. This drain connects to an interior sump pump or drainage system. The drain is excellent for capturing too much water that ends up in a basement under the windows.

6. Apply Waterproofing Coatings

For added protection, apply waterproof coatings to basement walls and window frames. These coatings help repel water and prevent it from penetrating the walls. You can use these coatings along with other waterproof solutions.

exterior waterproofing basement foundation

Why Are My Basement Windows Leaking When It Rains?

Basement windows might leak during rainfall due to several reasons. Check out some common causes of basement window leaks:

  • If the basement windows were not properly installed or sealed, there may be gaps or cracks around the frame. These allow water to seep in during heavy rains. Also, operable windows may not close securely, risking gaps that let in rainwater.
  • The window well, which is the area outside the basement window, may have cracks or openings that allow rainwater to accumulate. This water can then eventually leak into the basement.
  • If the window well does not have proper drainage, rainwater can pool around the window. It might then find its way into the basement.
  • Clogged or misdirected gutters allow rainwater to overflow and saturate the ground around the basement windows. This often risks leaks.
  • If the ground around the basement windows is not properly graded away from the house, water accumulates near the windows. It can then penetrate through any openings or cracks in the window, its frame, or the surrounding concrete.
  • During heavy rains, hydrostatic pressure builds up against the foundation walls. This pressure forces water through any cracks or gaps, including those around basement windows.
  • Over time, a house’s foundation may settle, causing shifts and cracks in the structure, including around windows. These cracks can allow water to enter the basement during rainfall. Note, these cracks don’t need to be large to let in bothersome water!
  • Older basement windows or window wells may deteriorate over time, leading to weakened seals and increased susceptibility to leaks. You might even notice dried caulk pulling away from the basement windows, creating gaps.

To determine the specific cause of your basement window leaks, inspect the window, window well, and surrounding areas while it’s raining. Also, consult a professional waterproofing contractor. He or she can assess the situation and recommend how to waterproof basement windows to prevent further leaks and water damage.

A Word From Our Team

Basement Waterproofing of Rhode Island is happy to explain your options when you’re ready to waterproof basement windows. If you’re in the market for expert services, call our Rhode Island basement waterproofing contractors. We offer high-quality waterproofing guaranteed to last. For more information or your FREE basement waterproofing quote, call our customer care team today.


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