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7 Signs You Need a Sump Pump Installation in Rhode Island

November 3, 2020

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A sump pump installation in Rhode Island is an excellent choice for keeping a home’s basement or crawl space dry and damage-free. Sump pumps collect water into a retaining pit and then pump that water elsewhere, either outside the home or to a nearby drain.

Before you risk a basement flood or are faced with a hefty bill for concrete foundation repair and mold cleanup, consider 7 signs that you need to invest in a sump pump installation for a Rhode Island home. You can then discuss your options with a basement waterproofing company and ensure your home is always clean, pristine, and protected from floods and water damage!

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1. A Sump Pump Installation for Rhode Island Homes on Flat Ground

Residential properties are typically graded or sloped downward, toward the street, so that moisture in the soil will drain away from the home. However, homes on flat ground or in low-lying areas are more prone to flooding, since groundwater won’t run away from the home and might tend to collect and pool around its foundation and then seep into the basement.

A landscaping contractor can typically check your property’s grade, or you might note if soil is overly moist as this often indicates flat ground or a low-lying area. If your property’s soil is overly moist, consider a sump pump, to remove excess water that might collect in the basement or under the crawlspace.

2. Get a Rhode Island Sump Pump for Flooded Basements

If your home’s basement has flooded before, it’s time to invest in a sump pump installation in Rhode Island! Even if the flood was the result of something unusual such as a strong storm, broken dam, or swollen river, this means that your home is at risk of future floods. Weather conditions don’t simply get more predictable over time, and there is no guarantee that your city or county will address outdated dams, drainage systems, and other infrastructure meant to protect properties from flooding.

3. A Sump Pump Installation in Rhode Island Protects Stored Items

If you use your home’s basement for storage, a sump pump installation for a Rhode Island home is a must-have! Many homeowners store off-season clothes, holiday decorations, sporting goods, camping gear, and other such items in the basement, all of which can be damaged easily even by the smallest flood.

A sump pump installation for a Rhode Island home also protects your water heater, furnace, washer and dryer, and other such appliances in the basement. Consider that your cost for a sump pump is often cheaper than the cost to replace those appliances and stored items!

Some homeowners also store items that cannot be repaired or even replaced after a flood, such as family photos or antiques and other valuable collections. Rather than risk damaged appliances and ruined personal goods, call a basement waterproofing company in Rhode Island about a new sump pump instead.

4. Don’t Finish the Basement Without a Sump Pump Installation!

As with stored items and appliances, it’s vital that you protect drywall, floor tiles, furniture, electronics, and other items in a finished basement with a sump pump installation for a Rhode Island home! Drywall especially tends to absorb floodwaters quickly, leading to crumbling, cracking, water stains, and eventual mold growth.

Upholstered furniture also absorbs floodwaters and even excess moisture in a small space such as a basement, increasing the risk of mildew along with furniture foam and fabrics. Water damage might also ruin electronics such as television and computers. As with stored items and appliances, a sump pump installation for a Rhode Island home is often far cheaper than having to clean or replace all those items in your finished basement.

A sump pump also ensures your finished basement is clean and dry and ready for occupation! Excess moisture collecting along the basement floor will get directed to the sump pump pit and then pumped out of the home, so you don’t need to worry about a damp, clammy feeling in your finished space.

5. Oversized Water Heater? Get a Sump Pump for a Rhode Island Home

A damaged and leaking water heater always means the risk of flood damage to your home; however, the larger the holding tank on your home’s water heater, the worse that potential flood and resultant damage! Most residential water heaters hold 40 gallons of water, while larger tanks can hold up to 100 gallons or more. One hundred gallons of water can easily cover an entire basement and be very costly to remove and clean.

Along with an oversized water heater, note if there are other water features in the home or on your property that might risk severe flooding. For example, do you have an oversized aquarium, water well, septic tank, or above-ground swimming pool? If any of those items were to leak, those waters might make their way to your home’s basement and cause severe damage. A sump pump would make quick work of directing that water outside the home and keeping damage and cleanup to a minimum.

6. Outdated Plumbing Means You Need a Sump Pump Installation

Outdated plumbing often means a higher risk of clogs and resultant leaks, burst pipes, frozen pipes, and other such disasters. Even if a pipe on a second floor should burst or leak, those waters make their way to the home’s basement easily, resulting in costly cleanup.

If you’re not sure of the age of your home’s plumbing, note how often you need to deal with clogged toilets and sinks, low water pressure, and other such plumbing issues. These problems often indicate old, outdated plumbing at risk of damaged pipes and resultant leaks. A sump pump installation protects your home in case of such disaster as well as frozen pipes, overflowing bathtubs, and other plumbing problems.

ourdated pipes in rhode island

7. Choose a Sump Pump on Your Plumber’s Recommendation

When a plumber recommends a sump pump installation for a Rhode Island home, he or she isn’t just trying to drum up business or sell you an unnecessary product! Plumbers inspect your home’s plumbing pipes and evaluate risk of clogs and leaks thoroughly, and might also examine a home’s water heater, considering its overall condition and risk of rust, leaks, and other such damage.

Local plumbers are also familiar with flooding risk in your neighborhood and might have already serviced flooded homes nearby. A high-quality sump pump installation for a Rhode Island home protects it from water damage and mold growth, while also keeping stored items and finished materials dry and secure. To keep your home and property protected, heed your plumber’s advice if he or she recommends a sump pump for your home.

A Word From Our RI Waterproofing Company

At Basement Waterproofing Rhode Island, we know that choosing a sump pump for Rhode Island homes as well as other waterproofing options can be confusing. To find out if your home might benefit from a sump pump installation in RI or other such waterproofing services, call us today for your free, no-obligation appointment.

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