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What Basement Waterproofing Costs in Rhode Island

July 30, 2019

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After you start realizing that there is moisture getting into the downstairs area of your home, you want to do whatever you can to stop it. Before hiring a professional, it's at the forefront of most minds how much basement waterproofing costs.


When you are trying to figure out what basement waterproofing costs, you have to take in several different factors to get a precise amount. On average, you can expect to pay between $2,000 and $7,000, depending on what services you have completed.

Figuring Out How Much Basement Waterproofing Costs

Before you can get an exact amount of what your basement waterproofing costs, you have to have an evaluation done to determine all that you require. There could be several reasons why water is getting into your basement. With a thorough inspection from a basement waterproofing company, you will know what's creating the flooding problem, and what you will require to fix it. 

When all you're doing is a simple basement waterproofing sealing service on your foundation, you could see a bill as low as $600. However, if you need to have foundation repairs done, gutters and downspouts installed, or more extensive work, homeowners have seen charges of up to $10,000. The national average is about $5 to $10 per square foot. Your final total will be based on the variables mentioned and what basement waterproofing contractor you hire to do the job.

How Much Does Exterior Foundation Sealing Cost?

The water on the outside of your home can easily sneak through your basement walls or crawlspace. If there are existing cracks or other damages, the likelihood of that happening is even greater. As soon as the water starts coming in, you have to get in touch with a professional basement waterproofing contractor near you. The longer the water sits, the more damage you'll be paying to fix. Instead, you can get your entire basement or crawl space exterior finished for anywhere between $1,500 and $15,000. It might seem like a hefty bill now, but when you prevent foundation issues and other losses to your home's structure, you'll understand why the investment is worth it.

waterproofing with a French drain in RI


Does Interior Basement Waterproofing Cost More?

After you have your exterior waterproofing of basement walls done, it's recommended that you also have the inside sealed off. Even though these parts of the home aren't in direct contact with the outside precipitation, it adds a layer of protection. Your basement contractor will go over your options, including:

  • Special water-repellent paint - $130 per gallon of professional paint (75 sq ft coverage)
  • Vapor barrier - $1,000 to $3,000
  • Silicate sealers - $3 - $9 per square foot
  • Concrete coatings - $3-$12 per square foot

Your expert basement waterproofing contractor will do a complete evaluation of your interior walls and give you a better idea of what will work best for your property. In some cases, one waterproofing method will be sufficient. For other homes, it is more beneficial to get a couple of different solutions to your basement waterproofing demands.

Are There Other Basement Waterproofing Costs?

Besides interior and exterior basement waterproofing costs, there is a potential for other charges for related services. Again, this is something that you should go over with your preferred basement waterproofing contractor. This home improvement project is a significant one, and if you're having it done, it's better to have it done the first time completely.

Foundation Repair Services

When there are cracks in your foundation that are creating leaks, you are going to have to have your foundation repair done first. Otherwise, the basement waterproofing service that you're paying for will be practically useless. Generally, when you have a moderate amount of foundation damages, the technician will quote you around $4,000 for repairs. If you're lucky enough only to have minor issues, it could be done for about $500 - $1,000. You won't know what you're facing until you have an expert look.

Interior Water Drainage Systems

Floor drains, sump pumps, and other interior water drainage systems are what most contractors will recommend after you have waterproofing services completed. It's how to get any remaining water out and away from the home. These range between $700 and $2,600.

professional sump pump installation in RI

Downspouts and Gutter Installation

Rainwater needs to be directed away from your roof and then your home through a gutter and downspout system. If you don't already have one, getting one installed costs between $550 and $1,350.

Grading the Landscape

Finally, if you have done everything you can to get water out and away from your residence, but your lawn grade isn't angled in the right direction, expect to pay between $1,300 and $4,600. If all you have to have done is a re-sloping, then it's about $900 to $3,000 for the service.

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