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Have you started looking around for a basement waterproofing company in Rhode Island? You might be surprised at how many there are out there. You should be looking for more than just an attractive price, though. What you want is a group of contractors that have experience in this line of work. You'll also benefit from selecting someone that is locally owned and operated, like Basement Waterproofing of Rhode Island

You'll get personal attention and dedication to your project that can't be found with the larger franchises. We're also licensed and insured for your protection! 

The choice is simple, really. We're the basement waterproofing company in Rhode Island you can rely on.

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Our Rhode Island Basement Waterproofing Service Areas

Providence, RI

Providence Service Area Map

When water is leaking into your basement through the walls, you need to do whatever you can to stop it... and fast! With our basement wall waterproofing in Providence, you'll never have to start worrying when the rains starts coming down.

 You can sit back comfortably, knowing that nothing is getting through after we're done. We can also assist you with your sump pump and French drain installations. If you're noticing mold growth, call us right away to have it cleaned up.

Cranston, RI

Cranston Service Area Map

Other companies for basement waterproofing in Cranston, RI, don't have the knowledge we do when it comes to basements and crawlspaces. Sure, they can take care of the water and mold they see in your main living areas, but nobody can navigate a basement like we do. 

With our safe, yet effective cleaning agents, powerful methods, and attentive waterproofing experts at work, you'll never have to worry about the health of your family or the safety of your structure again.

Warwick, RI

Warwick Service Area Map

Waterproofing in Warwick isn't a DIY job. It's also not something that any general contractor can easily take care of. This is a crucial part of your home, and you want to be confident that any work done to it has been completed precisely how it's supposed to be.

We've gone through the education and hands-on training processes necessary to guarantee your foundation is repaired in a way that will last for years to come. If you're located in Warwick, call our foundation repair company for a FREE quote!

Pawtucket, RI

Pawtucket Service Area Map

Your sump pump in Pawtucket is one of the most important components of not only your basement but your entire home. When it wears out, it's not protecting your walls, floors, and foundation from moisture and water leaks. Instead of sucking the water out and away like it's supposed to, you'll soon be dealing with inches or even feet of rain collecting underneath of you. Before you have the overwhelming task of getting rid of it, call on us for basement waterproofing in Pawtucket to come and inspect your existing unit. 

If our honest contractors tell you it's time for a replacement, you can trust them to give you options that are suitable for your needs and your budget.

Newport, RI

Newport Service Area Map

Have you ever considered a French drain system installation? Maybe you already have one, but it's time for an update. In Newport, Rhode Island, French drains are becoming more and more prevalent. It's an added layer of protection for keeping water away from areas that may result in expensive damage. It's a small investment to make considering what you could be saving in future repairs. 

If you'd like to learn more about our solutions for waterproofing in Newport, call one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives today!

Bristol, RI

Bristol Service Area Map

If you haven't had basement waterproofing in Bristol, now is the time. When moisture infiltrates your basement, you have a serious problem on your hands. Unfortunately, most of the issues, like mold, mildew, and rot, are very costly to repair. Don't you want to prevent the possibility before it occurs? 

Our crew will do a thorough basement waterproofing at your home so that you can get downstairs again. Turn your space into something usable with no threat of loss with our quality materials and proven methods.

Are you ready to learn more? Give us a call for your FREE, no-obligation quote!

Johnston, RI

Johnston Service Area Map

Basement waterproofing for Johnston homes and other buildings is what our crew is trained and knowledgeable about. We start with a free initial inspection and assessment. Then, we outline all of the options for making your foundation and basement airtight.

Some of the possible solutions to water getting into your basement and wreaking havoc on your life include the need for a sump pump installation or French drain installation. We can create an airtight barrier by waterproofing the basement walls from the inside.

If water has already been sitting a while, ask us about our mold removal services too. Call today!

East Providence, RI

East Providence Service Area Map

Think your property could benefit from basement waterproofing in East Providence? We do! We’ve seen all the benefits of waterproofing basement walls in East Providence, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Your service starts with a quick, accurate, and personalized assessment and price quote for your specific building. Then, you have all the information and we give you time to decide if it’s right for you. There’s no pressure, only knowledgeable basement contractors ready to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

Smithfield, RI

Smithfield Service Area Maps

Basement waterproofing in Smithfield, Rhode Island, is one service that people call us for all the time. We can help keep your basement dry and protected from water damage. Our team of experienced contractors is highly knowledgeable in the field and uses the latest waterproofing techniques to ensure that your basement stays safe and secure. We understand that a wet or flooded basement can be dangerous, so we strive to provide the best services possible for our clients regardless of the complexity of the project or the budget available.

Contact us today if you need assistance. We look forward to helping you and providing you with the best solutions for your situation. 

Lincoln, RI

Lincoln Service Area

We specialize in basement waterproofing services in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Our skilled contractors use advanced techniques to keep your basement dry and shielded from water damage. Whether it's a small or large project, we strive to deliver top-notch services to ensure your basement remains safe and protected.  We use state-of-the-art products and materials to ensure your basement is sealed off from the elements. To guarantee maximum protection, we even provide a warranty on all our services.

If you're looking for reliable and trustworthy professionals to waterproof your basement in Rhode Island, look no further than Basement Waterproofing Rhode Island! Contact us today for more information.

Cumberland, RI

Cumberland Service Area

Consider installing a French drain system or doing basement waterproofing in Cumberland, Rhode Island. French drains are increasingly popular in the state, providing added protection against water damage. It's a worthwhile investment that can save you from costly repairs. Basement waterproofing adds an added layer of protection that will give you peace of mind.

To learn more, contact our helpful customer service representatives.  They can answer any questions you may have and provide additional information about our services.

We look forward to helping you make the right choice for your basement waterproofing needs. 

East Greenwich, RI

East Greenwich Service Area

If you haven't had basement waterproofing in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, now is the time. When moisture infiltrates your basement, it poses a serious problem. Unfortunately, repairing issues like mold, mildew, and rot can be costly. Wouldn't you prefer to prevent these problems from occurring?

Our team will perform a comprehensive basement waterproofing service at your home, allowing you to utilize the space without the risk of damage. With our high-quality materials and proven methods, we can transform your basement into a functional area.

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