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French Drain Installation in RI Makes the Difference

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When you have groundwater collecting in your basement, it's not only an eyesore, but it can cause your wood to rot, and it gives the perfect environment for mold to start growing. French drain installation in RI is the best way to eliminate the possibility of these events from happening to you. We use filter fabric, gravel, and perforated pipes in an intricate system that pushes standing water or rising groundwater away from your home's foundation and basement. 

These drainage systems also alleviate any pressure that might be present behind retaining walls and under your flooring. Instead of just dealing with the water seeping in, invest in a French drain installation. It's an expense that you'll quickly discover was worth it when you aren't dealing with the stress and headache of moisture in your basement. Our helpful customer service team is standing by eager to answer all of your questions and to offer you a customized solution.
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We're the French Drain Installation Experts in RI!

French drain installation in RI isn't something that any general contractor can necessarily do. You might be tempted to hire a cheaper basement waterproofing company in Rhode Island to do this, but you're taking a great risk. If it's done incorrectly, you could end up with a much bigger problem than what you had when you started. Not to mention all the money you're out on having the job done. 

You can't afford to gamble when you're having a significant job like this completed. You want to have confidence it's going to be finished correctly. We have many years of experience in French drains, and we continue to learn modern methods to stay current in what's most efficient. Quality is what we care about. More importantly, we want to provide you with a safe and comfortable place to live. 

You can trust that when we do your basement waterproofing in RI that it will be done right the first time.
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How We Install French Drains in RI

Are you still curious about the process for French drain installation in RI? Then here's a little more information on how it all works. We start by evaluating your water problem and figuring out where the moisture is coming from. Then, we come up with an appropriate method for getting it away from your foundation. 

After we have a clear route in mind, we can start digging a trench on the outside of your home's footing. A pipe gets laid in the soil at the highest point and then slopes downward and away so that gravity can push the water in the correct direction. The pipe is covered with gravel, and then we put a layer of fabric on top to keep the soil from plugging up the pipe. 

Finally, we do a back-fill of dirt to hide the system and bring your property back to its original grade height and look. As you can tell, this isn't a job that you want to try and tackle on your own. We will get it done for you quickly and without all the stress.
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French Drain Installation in RI That's Affordable

Are you interested in a French drain installation in RI, but you're questioning what it will cost? It's an inquiry that we get frequently, so you're not alone. Every job we do is different, so your first step is getting your own personalized estimate. If the number you're given scares you away, think about what it's going to cost for mold removal and repair to the areas that have been damaged by water. 

On top of that, when you get rid of the mold and fix the structure, if there's no drainage system in place, it's only going to happen again, so you'll find yourself paying for it repeatedly. Instead of getting nickel and dimed every time it rains, or the snow starts to melt, take into consideration how much you'll save in the long run with an investment in this basement waterproofing

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